Dialysis equipment

EG Medical Systems provides a range of top quality dialysis equipment and disposables of international certified standards.

  • dialysis distributors Egypt 4008S Classix - Allows the customer to utilize the benefits of Cardioprotective Hemodialysis with continuity of 4008 Series success.
    - Is the suitable machine for customer searching for standard hemodialysis.
    - Provides many important features for dialysis efficiency as OCM, Ultrapure dialysate (Diasafe Plus), most Hygienic measures (Bibag)
    - Provide customers with optimization of resources with Adapted Flow (reduced cost of water, dialysate)
  • dialysis distributors Egypt 5008S CorDiax machine Provides newest technologies in dialysis with High Volume HDF which is the Cardioprotective Therapy for Dialysis patients.

    3 main concepts:
    - Best handling (easy, simple, error free, high safety)
    - Best therapy (high volume HDF)
    - Optimal Use Of Resources (reduce water, dialysate and energy consumption).
  • dialysis distributors Egypt FMC Dialyzers - Characterized with high performance, excellent biocometability.
    - Manufactured using Fresenius polysulphone(HPS Series) and new series manufacturing using Helixone membrane(FX Series).
    - Sterilized by the most effective, unique and safest method of Sterilization by IN LINE STEAM STERILIZATION TECHNIQUE.
    - Portfolio contain High and Low Flux Dialyzers.
  • dialysis distributors Egypt Bibag - Bibag is an Online Dry Bicarbonate Concentrate.

    • Small & Lightweight:
    • Easy handling
    • Small storage requirements
    • Easy transportation
    • Low transportation cost

    • Chemically stable:
    • Long shelf life (3 years)
    • Easy logistics
    • Dissolved directly at the machine immediately before use
    • Prevention of microbiological growth
    • Safe dialysis treatment
  • dialysis distributors Egypt Blood Lines -Vented and non vented
    - With on off clamp
    - Minimal turbulences
    - Color coded components
    - Latex free injection site
    - With or without needle
    - ISO standard connectors
    - Medical grade raw material
    - Flexible PVC medical grade drip chamber
    - Optimal length reduce extracorporeal blood volume
    - All designs available
    - Blister medical pack for ETO and gamma sterilization
  • dialysis distributors Egypt Fistula Needle - Color coded wings to facilitate usage
    - Blockage testing for 100% of the production
    - Ultra thin wall
    - ISO standard color connectors
    - Post production siliconization for the internal and external surfaces to optimize blood flow
    - With and without back eye
    - Different sizes
    - Blister medical pack for ETO and gamma sterilization
  • dialysis distributor Egypt Multifilterate Machine, MFT - Multifilterate is suitable for ICU patients suffering from AKI.
    - Effective with Hemodynamic Unstable patients.
    - Provides many treatment modalities including Plasma Pharesis.
    - Colored LCD Screen,4 gravimetric scales , 4 roller pumps , 2 heaters for bags.
  • dialysis distributor Egypt Disposables MFT Kit - MFT Kit consists of Cassette & Ultraflux Dialyzers
    - Ultraflux dialyzers manufatured with Fresenius polysulphone and can remove middle moleculer weight toxins up to 30000D
    - Ultraflux Dialyzers have a range of surface area: AV400, AV600, AV1000.
    - MFT KIT can be tailored according to required treatment mode:
         CVVH(Pre and Post)
  • dialysis distributor Egypt Disposables Hemofilteration Solutions - Necessary for substitution in CRRT treatment.
    - Used also as dialysate during CRRT Treatment.
    - PVC Free bags(Biofine), 5 Liter Bag, stable.
    - Two types:
         Multilac (Lactate Base)
         Multibic (Bicarbonate Base)
  • dialysis distributor Egypt Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) - Stay Safe System depend on Pin and Disk Technology.
    - Stay Safe System Disk: No Clamps just Turn
    - Patients can easily regulate fluids exit and entry by turning disk with minimal exposure to infection.
    - Stay Safe pin: ensure safe disconnection process.
    - Stay Safe System is environmental friendly(Biofine)
    - Accessories:
         PD catheters
         Peritoneal Dialysis Access
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