Training & Education

Our training and educational team, include:

Application specialists responsible for training and development of nursing staff in hospitals.
They are specialized in Chronic Dialysis Products in addition to Acute Dialysis Products and Home Therapies (Peritoneal Dialysis)

Medical Managers These are nephrologists responsible for development and training of junior doctors, conduct medical research updates, and training of our sales force.

Service Department

The service department offers after sales service for products sold by EG Medical Systems:
1. Dialysis machines from Fresenius Medical Care
2. Multi-filtrate machines from Fresenius Medical Care
3. Central Delivery Systems for manufacturing the concentrate in-house and distribute it to dialysis machines from Fresenius Medical Care
4. Water Treatment Units with its spare parts and consumables from Fresenius Medical Care and other European and American suppliers.

The team consists of 65 qualified engineers and technicians covering all of Egypt.

We offer turnkey consultancy services:
1. Support our customers in the design and supply all medical solutions.
2. Evaluation of medical devices upon customer request .
3. Provide calibration certificates for all machines of Fresenius Medical Care.

The service department delivers the highest quality to our customer through:
1. Response time within 24 Hours (MTTR)
2. Control and monitoring performance sheet of machines (MTBF)
3. Original and reliable spare parts stock.
4. Preventive and corrective maintenance

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