Medical Consumables & Disposables

EG Medical Systems have over 30 years of sourcing, distributing and manufacturing of medical equipment and disposables catering for both Egypt and regional markets. It partners only with worldwide certified brands in key product lines.

  • Medical disposables Egypt 3M Health Care is committed to providing the health care community with innovative solutions, based on our diversified technologies, that help improve the quality of life.
  • Medical disposables Egypt Tapes Micropore / Transpore / Microfoam / Medipore / Silicon tape / Opticlude / Coban
  • Medical disposables Egypt Pre-operative Loban / Clipper / Incise Drape
  • Medical disposables Egypt Immobilization Scotch cast / Soft cast
  • Medical disposables Egypt Auscultation Littmann
    Classic II /
    Infant /
    Pediatric /
    Cardiology III /
    Master cardiology /
  • Medical disposables Egypt Wound care Steri-strip / Steri-strip with Tegaderm / Tegaderm + pad / Micropore + pad
  • Medical disposables Egypt Acute care Tegaderm / Tegaderm I.V.
  • Medical disposables Egypt Sterilization Bowie & dick pack /
    Bowie & dick pack plus /
    Chemical indicator /
    Biological indicators /
    Incubator /
    Auto Reader /
  • Medical disposables Egypt Food safety Clean trace /
    Aqua trace /
    Pertifilm /
    Alergen /
  • Medical disposables Egypt Since 2006, Porges™ is part of Coloplast group. Porges is conceiving, developing, manufacturing and selling worldwide medical disposable devices for the hospital management of urologic and gynecologic disorders such as urinary stone disease, benign prostate hyperplasia, voiding dysfunctions and urinary incontinence (male and female).  Porges also sells, outside of the USA and Canada, implants for Female Pelvic Floor disorders (urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapses) and other urological male conditions such as male urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction
  • Medical disposables Egypt Key products in stone treatment
  • Medical disposables Egypt Key products in stone treatment
  • Medical disposables Egypt BIONIME Corporation (Taiwan) - Date of Establishment: 2003
    Major Product: Home Blood Glucose meters and Testing Strip
    EG Medical Services has been working with Bionime products since 2006
  • Medical disposables Egypt Glucose monitors & Test Strips Glucose monitors
    GM300 / GM100

    Glucose test strips
    GS300 - 25 Strips / 50 Strips / 100 Strips
  • Medical disposables Egypt GE is an advanced technology, services and capital company Dedicated to innovation in the areas of energy, health, transportation and infrastructure
  • Medical disposables Egypt Blood Glucose Monitoring system GE100
  • Medical disposables Egypt Rossmax is a respectful Swiss origin brand that offers the patient unique technologies to assure both accuracy and convenience from well known agent (EG) of big resources that assure over delivery after sales service, all those benefits in effectively affordable cost
  • Medical disposables Egypt Blood Pressure Monitors AD761 / AC701 / MJ701 / BE701 / S150 / MJ90
  • Medical disposables Egypt Nebulizers NA100 / NB100 / NQ80
  • Medical disposables Egypt Weight scales WA100 / WB100
  • Medical disposables Egypt Thermometers HA500 / RA600 / TG100
  • Medical disposables Egypt Ypsomed ( swiss company) is a worldwide leading independent developer and manufacturer of injection systems .Ypsomed has well-established partnerships with numerous leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies such as Sanofi-Aventis, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Roche, Genentech.
  • Medical disposables Egypt Insulin monitor Solution - mylife Clickfine DiamondTip Pen needle for insulin pen:
    -    6-bevel needle tip for a smoother injection
    -    Thin wall technology for a faster flux of medication
    -    Special silicone surface treatment for advanced injection comfort
    -    Audible "click" for a secure placement
    -    Compatible for all major injection pen brands¹ and available in 4, 6 and 8 mm lengths
    -    The lengths 10 and 12 mm are available with 3-bevel tip.