Medical Equipment

EG Medical Systems have over 30 years of sourcing, distributing and manufacturing of medical equipment and disposables catered for both Egypt and regional markets. It provides support to the healthcare market in 4 key domains: Operating Department, ICU and NICU, Blood Bank and Outpatient.

Operating Department

A large product portfolio enables multi-disciplinary OR solutions for more efficient clinical work-flows:
- Anesthesia solution such as Air-way management, Anesthesia Machine, Patient Monitor, and Ceiling Pendant.
- Endoscopy and open instrument solution for specialties such as Neurosurgery, ENT, Cardiovascular Surgery, Thorax, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Urology, Arthroscopy and Spine Surgery.
- Intelligent solution like Integration System and Assistance systems.
- Operating Room infrastructures such as Prefabricated OR, Operating Table, Operating Light Ceiling pendant, Diathermy, Microscope, Stretcher and Suction.
- Laser System
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User-friendly, reliable and portable ICU & NICU solutions for cost-effective and sustainable patient outcomes. Total ICU & NICU Solutions include Blood warmer, Supply units, Defibrillator, ECGs, ICU BED, Infusion Technology, Incubator, Infant warmer, Jaundice Meter, Patient Monitors, Phototherapy, Suction units, Stretcher, and Ventilator. More products details ...

Blood Bank

Within transfusion technologies, EG provides products for whole blood collection and processing as well as for transfusion medicine and cell therapies.
- Apheresis
- Blood Collection and Processing
- Inline Filtration System
- Filter System
- Blood Processing Equipment
- CompoMat G5
- CompoGuard
- CompoDock
- CompoCool WB


EG Medical Systems provides a range of products focusing on organization, workflow, productivity, and raising the quality of the outpatient department. This includes: ECGs, Flexible Video Endoscopy for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Gynecology, Video Cysto-Urethroscope, Arthroscopy of the Temporo-Mandibular-Joint, Examination Light, Gynecology workstation, ENT workstation, Fetal Monitor, Jaundice Meter and Colposcope.