Medical equipment | Maintenance Center

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EG Medical Systems provides after-sales service through trained team of engineers and management staff that maintain all products sold by the company. The mission of the maintenance department is to ensure equipment operates with high efficiency and with a reasonable cost for the quality of faults repaired.

With 22 engineers covering five areas in Egypt, we aim to respond to service calls within 24-hours for Cairo, Giza and Alexandria and 48-hour for Delta and 72 hours for Upper Egypt.

In order to achieve these goals ...

1- Visit devices at a rate of 1 visit every three months during the warranty period.
2- The crew of engineers review instructions of operation of equipment on a regular basis to make sure that all equipment works with the required efficiency (during the warranty or maintenance contract).
3- Maintenance engineers attend all workshops and demonstrations to provide technical support for hospitals and for all devices.
4- Periodic preventive maintenance for all devices in accordance with the instructions of the suppliers, in order to prevent and detect faults early.
5- The service center of Egyptian group makes the calibrations and updates for all products in accordance with the instructions and times specified by the suppliers.
6- Egyptian Group maintenance center offers a maintenance contract for all devices after the end of the warranty period to ensure continued efficiency for all equipment.
7- The maintenance have a stock of spare parts to minimize down times of the equipment.
8- EG Medical Systems focus is to continually improve and ensure customer satisfaction therefore we take periodic customer satisfaction surveys to improving performance.