Blood Donation Campaigns

Blood Donation Campaign held at EG premises where employees voluntarily donated for the benefit of the MOH Blood Banks.

Egyptian Cure Bank - بنك الشفاء المصري

EG Medical Systems has been the main sponsor since 2013. The Egyptian Cure Bank is a non governmental organization whose primary goal is to provide medical treatment for those who cannot afford to pay for their treatment. The Egyptian Cure Bank is a sister organization to The Egyptian Food Bank.

UEDA (Upper Egypt Diabetes Association)

UEDA (Upper Egypt Diabetes Association) Patient Development Program: An on-going Program started in 2014 in collaboration with UEDA targeting mainly diabetic patients in Upper Egypt giving them awareness sessions on the importance of controlling diabetes, how to measure it, and important health tips as well as distributing monitoring devices to the patients for free; the program covered 150 patients so far.

Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages

Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages was recognized as one of the best 6 practices worldwide from 400 submissions received from 95 countries at the 10th cycle for Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment organized by the Dubai Government in cooperation with the UN-Habitat.

The main reasons for choosing Wataneya Society as an award winner are:
1- Being a bottom-up initiative that has resulted in the first project in Egypt where the Government adopts and enforces quality standards issued by an NGO.
2- Overcoming the challenges that the organization (Wataneya) had to face, mixing between quick wins and long-term structural changes, which had a direct tangible impact.
3- Being well supported by different stakeholders, which ensure its sustainability, and its future development.

EG Medical Systems chair is a major contributor on the board level.

Medical Supplies Egypt

Medical Supplies Egypt

Medical Supplies Egypt

Medical Supplies Egypt